1 Peter

Because God values faith in us, He chooses to test and deepen our faith through trial. This is not a comfortable journey but it is necessary and the rewards are great. It is through a faith that is deepened and tested by trial that we discover a richer relationship with God. It is also where our life can be lived for the greater glory of God. Join in this daily study of the book of 1 Peter to discover how trials in life will make you and not break you.

The value of faith
Ready for action.
We are called to love.
When I don’t desire God
What are we saved to be?
Who has God made you to be?
How should a Christian respond to the governement?
How is your marriage?
How to receive God’s blessing.
What is God’s will for your life?
Don’t waste your time.
Are we in the end times?
Why do Christians suffer?
Clothe yourself with humility
Why am I anxious?
Satan wants to take you down.