Matthew Devotionals

Join me for this daily devotional through the gospel of Matthew. Matthew was written to convince Jews that Jesus was the Messiah. As we study through this great book together my prayer is that you would discover Jesus as your Messiah and that you would come to a deeper understanding of the impact Jesus can have on your life.

What can we learn from a “boring” part of scripture?
God is guiding you.
Entering Kingdom life
Facing Temptations
What does it mean to follow Jesus?
Characteristics of the Kingdom
You are a difference maker.
Already righteous and pursuing righteousness.
Lust and Marriage
Are you a person of integrity?
Where does love begin?
Connecting with the God who loves you.
The Lord’s Prayer
Where is your heart?
What does Jesus say about anxiety?
Do you have a critical spirit?
Trust and Love
What did Jesus mean when He said, “Depart from me for I never knew you”?
The compassion and authority of Jesus.
What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?
Greater than the storm.
What will you do with the authority of Jesus?
Who does Jesus call?
Rules or grace?
The compassion and power of Jesus.
You have been sent
Love, loyalty, life
Take my yoke upon you
Connecting to the heart of God.
Jesus proclaimed justice
What is the unforgivable sin?
What is the fruit of your life?
Parable of the sower
Parables of the Kingdom
Jesus is enough
Step into the power of Jesus
What is on the inside?
The Value of Faith
Take up your cross and follow me.
A clearer view of Christ.
Faith of a mustard seed.
Faith like a child
Forgive from the heart
What is holding your heart?
God is faithful
Will you accept the authority of Jesus?
Love God, Love People
Are you a spiritual influencer?
When is Jesus coming back?
Are you ready for the return of Christ?
Do you worship or deny?
Trusting God in the hard times.
The resurrection
What are you doing today to follow Jesus?