Colossians Videos

Join me in the study of the book of Colossians. This is a book that is rich in truth about Jesus. My prayer is that as you study the book of Colossians you will be amazed anew at the person of Christ and that as you gain a larger vision of who He is your faith and life will be transformed.

What is the reputation of your life?
Today can be a day when you are FULLY pleasing to God.
Get a bigger view of Jesus.
Who is in first place?
A New You
Looking for hope? Study with me today.
How do you walk with Christ? Go back to the beginning.
It’s a battle in there.
Lean into Christ.
Where is your mind? What are you pursuing?
Are you tending to your life?
Who am I? How do I love you?
How does Jesus change every relationship?
How to not waste your time.
Faithful family of faith