You Can’t Go To Church

I love going to the gym at 5:00 am. I like the physical exercise, the routine, the discipline and I like the group of guys I have met who have become friends of mine. We talk and laugh and work out. One Monday morning I was talking to one of my friends about his weekend. [...]


I watched church on Sunday.  That is a sentence I never thought I would say.  It sounds strange to me.  But it is what I did on Sunday.  I watched church.  I sat on my couch and listened to worship and a sermon.  I was a bystander.  I have to admit that in this day [...]

The One Thing You Can Do To Improve Every Relationship – Part 1

The best relationship advice I ever received was two words.  Choose love. I had a relationship that was broken.  It wasn’t always broken. There was a time when it was beautiful.  We loved being together.  We spent time together, laughed together and shared our lives.  But our friendship and the love we felt for each [...]

Time For A New Heart

For most of us, our schedules have opened up.  I have never seen my calendar so empty.  So now we are trying to figure out how to fill up the time and space.  What a sharp contrast to how we normally live.  During our normal lives how often have we longed for a day with [...]